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We often hear that we should not exercise close to bedtime or else we will suffer a night with little sleep. ¿ But it would be nice if you learned some exercises that will help you fight insomnia? Wouldn't it be a relief to learn a non-pharmaceutical method to help you end insomnia?
The good news is that recent research has found that the idea of a workout and insomnia are not necessarily mutually exclusive.
All kinds of exercises will work, since it really depends on the time spent, the regularity of the workouts, the types and intensity of these.
Exercises to combat insomnia
The exercises that seem to work best are those that systematically relax the body, so that after the movement, our body will loosen up after the exercises. Some exercises that help fight insomnia are:
The best Pilates exercises help you get a good rest, according to the creator of this exercise system, Joseph Pilates are:
1. Lower against a wall
Start with your back against the wall. While keeping your body against it, walk 6 to 12 inches from the wall. While keeping the abdomen tight, the arms are extended over the head so that they are at the same height as the ears.
Now slowly roll your body down. Once you finish the downward stroke, return to the upright position with arms extended, repeating a few more times.
2. Stretching the spine
Sit on the floor with your legs fully extended and shoulder-width apart, with your toes pointing upward. Extend your arms overhead with your shoulders relaxed, then lower them parallel to the floor in front of you.
Exhale as you extend your spine in a stretching motion that creates a curve like a “C”, with your abdomen contracted. Then return to the starting position with a slow, calming exhale, repeat the stretch again.
3. Pelvic Curvature
Lie on your back with your knees fully bent, also your feet flat on the floor. As you breathe out and breathe in quietly at a slow pace, lift your pelvis using your abdominal muscles by squeezing your belly button toward your spine, while keeping your shoulders on the ground.
Slowly stretch upward as you breathe calmly, and then slowly roll toward the ground, paying attention to each vertebra.
The practice of yoga
This form of exercise calms the mind, relaxes the body, and helps reduce anxiety. A couple of yoga routines that help you with insomnia are:
1. Fire Fists Movements
Put your legs in a lunge position with the knee bent forward, feet straight (the back leg rests on the base of the foot). Extend your arms above your head, then paddle your hands down toward your hips.
Take a deep breath as you press down with your hips, about 10 times and then switch legs.
2. Front curved cuffs
Stand with your feet open (they should be in a straight line with your shoulders) and bend your knees as you bend your body downward so that your arms reach the level of your calves. Remember to inhale and exhale throughout the exercise.
3. Bikram yoga
The Bikram Yoga uses the same basic movements of other forms of yoga, unless the exercise is carried out in a room with higher temperature.
The basic principles of the exercises are the same and the benefits the same. Some people may find that a high temperature is the perfect incentive to sleep.
Old habits and beliefs are hard to break. It just seems counterintuitive to exercise to relax. Growing up, our parents often tell us to calm down so we can go to bed.
We have learned a way to fall asleep when we were children, which may have worked in a carefree mind with no work and so many pending.
However, for those of us who have these concerns, we may find that exercising in the evening, right before bed, can be the perfect solution to getting rid of the stress that tends to cause insomnia.
How can you exercise late without causing trouble sleeping?
The simple answer is that it really depends on how you train. If you're working out at a gym and then have to drive home from there, chances are you'll have trouble falling asleep later. All the commotion and the driving home wake you up, which is counterproductive to sleep.
The type of exercise can be directly related to the difficulty of sleeping, if the exercise encourages you and accelerates your heart rate, it can be counterproductive.
Try the aforementioned exercises and try to do it thinking about de-stressing the body and mind, so that you are rested and ready to sleep. The most important thing to look for in an exercise to combat insomnia is that it is relaxing and calm, and done with slow breaths to help lower the heart rate and clear the mind.

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