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We are constantly being told that physical inactivity, and not making the most of every waking minute in life, is the worst thing we can do, which is why laziness is one of the biggest sins we commit every day.
However, this may not be a complete truth apparently. Of course, being active and on the go is a good thing, but living life on the slow line isn't a worse option either.
First of all, although adults are not encouraged to take an afternoon nap, it turns out that napping is extremely beneficial for health. In the same way, being slow and lazy is believed to be a flaw, but it is far from it.
Studies have shown that laziness is a great way to stimulate invention, creativity, and motivation.
Let's clear things up: we don't encourage you to spend your life lying on the couch, watching TV, and eating snacks, but we do convince you that it would be helpful to take several minutes of your time and rest when you need it. This will help you to be more refreshed and energetic the next day. We tell you that you are someone who can never be still because of the wrong belief or discipline that doing nothing is the worst.
Laziness can actually do these good things to the brain
On the contrary, laziness is beneficial for you, and we will explain why, so the next time you need to take a nap, you will enjoy that time, instead of feeling guilty about it.
Initially, laziness is completely normal, as humans evolved to rest as the body is constantly trying to conserve energy. During the winter, the human body produces more melatonin, making us sleepy, while in the summer, the heat prevents excessive activity.
However, a little laziness also has mental and physical benefits, and these are as follows:
Improve workouts
Although this seems a bit counterintuitive, if you are lazy you will not spend all day exercising, and you will focus on a shorter, but higher intensity workout.
This will give you plenty of time to enjoy the day, but it will also get your blood pumping. Studies have shown that a shorter, more intense workout followed by rest promotes weight loss and is much more effective than a long, boring workout.
Lowers blood pressure
Stress negatively affects the entire body and influences heart rate and blood pressure, leading to anxiety. However, resting, breathing deeply, and relaxing the body and mind lower blood pressure and provide peace of mind.
Stimulates Creativity
Many people have presented the most brilliant ideas while they were resting and without thinking about anything. If you let the brain cycle through and organize thoughts, it will organize ideas in many new and interesting ways. On the other hand, trying to generate an idea is often counterproductive.
Strengthen problem solving skills
If you give your brain time to find a solution, it will eventually do it. This does not mean that you should stand aside and wait for things to happen on their own, but you must determine when it is best to relax your mind to restore your optimal power after a while.
improve efficiency
The world-renowned and respected Agatha Christie stated that “invention, in my opinion, arises directly from inactivity… To save oneself”, believing that the many inventions that make our lives easier are just the result of laziness.
Also, laziness can force a person to speed up performance, only to finish it quickly and save time needed to rest. However, regardless of the reason, lazy people tend to get things done quickly.
Cherish the present moment
Laziness resembles meditation in that it also appreciates the present moment. Enjoy the current atmosphere, such as the warmth of the morning coffee, smell the aroma in the garden or look outside, relax and help the body recharge.
Supports reflection
Besides awakening innovative thoughts, laziness also creates philosophical ideas. While rambling, a person can begin to solve some complex problems and discover some more effective methods.
This can also lead to a better understanding of things and people in life.
So what kind of person are you? Are you a workaholic or do you belong to those who enjoy staying in bed all day? Can you balance your daily tasks and take the necessary rest to make the most of your energy?
Consider these suggestions on the benefits of keeping your mind and body still for certain times a day and start enjoying its benefits for your brain. Remember, when we say laziness here, we are not talking about being lazy, but about learning to keep the body and mind, still and doing nothing.

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