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The skin and the central nervous system come from the same cellular tissue, the ectodermic, one of the three primitive layers that make up the embryo. It is therefore not surprising that the skin is closely linked to the nervous system. Factors such as stress, anguish, setbacks or fatigue therefore have repercussions on the skin.
Impact of stress on the skin
The skin, like the body as a whole, reacts intensely to stress: it is subject to inflammatory reactions such as eczema, or the appearance of redness and the complexion changes. Skin cells are especially sensitive to stress as most of them have receptors that respond to hormones called " stress hormones."
How stress affects our skin
These hormones, which are then released, cause vasoconstriction: the skin tissue is less nourished, the face changes color and is paler. Other signs then appear: hair rises and sweat glands begin to produce sweat, particularly on the forehead, palms, and armpits. Fatigue also affects the appearance of the skin: dark circles and redness appear, the skin is rougher and loses luminosity and freshness.
According to the American Academy of Dermatology, there is a direct relationship between negative emotions, such as stress, and the more well-known skin conditions. Thus, for example, stress can make healthy nails brittle, cause hair loss or cause hyperhidrosis.
For this reason, experts from the American Academy of Dermatology explain that, combined with the appropriate anti-stress therapies, today's dermatological methods are able to reduce stress and its consequences on the skin quickly and effectively. Therefore, the dermatologist must have training to assess these psychological aspects when properly treating the dermatological patient.
• Psoriasis, Rosacea, Acne: Stress can seriously aggravate these conditions if not medically controlled. In the presence of stress, acne lesions can become inflamed, infected, and leave perpetual marks on the skin.
• Mouth ulcers, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis: In the presence of stress, the protective barrier of the skin can suffer severe dehydration processes, which results in a more fragile and sensitive skin, and very reactive to irritants, allergens and various infections.
When it comes to the profile of the stressed patient, they generally lack the energy and motivation to carry out proper skin care routines. In addition, they often manifest harmful behaviors (compulsive scratching, rubbing, popping pimples ...) that can worsen skin problems that arise

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