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When we stop exercising, a series of processes can happen in the body that often seem to be imperceptible, however, this can affect us directly even if we do not know it.
Today the fitness lifestyle seems to have reached everywhere, and with it, a general desire to stay in shape using two great tools: a balanced diet and an exercise routine.
Although it is true that there are more gyms every day, it is also true that there are many people who do not resist the demands of these sports temples and leave after a while; But what they don't know when they leave that world of training is that their body will revert to a sedentary lifestyle, but they will also suffer some consequences for stopping exercising.
Anyone who stops exercising is exposed to the consequences of detraining, the name by which the physiological changes that occur in the body when we stop exercising are known.
Who is affected by stopping exercise?
You probably think that athletes do not suffer the effects of detraining, but this is totally wrong. Anyone who is subjected to a day of constant exercise and suddenly stops, will automatically suffer the effects of detraining.
Experts say that athletes are the ones who are most affected by stopping exercising, since they have strong exercise routines that require great physical demand and constant work; therefore when entering a sedentary stage your body loses shape quickly.
In the case of athletes who stopped exercising due to a break or injury, it was shown that starting their training routine again decreased their abilities, speed, endurance and reflexes by 50%. This reduction occurs when the elapsed time of not exercising does not exceed one month; However, when the period of time if physical activity is longer, up to 75% of strength can be lost.
When a person who goes to the gym with the goal of getting in shape stops going to the gym four times a week and suddenly the routine does not absorb until he is completely removed from the gym, he will notice how stopping exercising causes: getting tired faster (about all when climbing stairs), not being able to lift the weights that were lately manageable and reduced reflexes.
The loss of endurance in people who have stopped exercising is 50%.
Let's talk about changes
The stop exercising reduces the resistance of the body to various physical activities of daily life, the most common climbing stairs, itself, the physical performance is affected to the same as the ability to concentrate.
Other changes that occur in the body is the loss of muscle mass , because generally when you stop exercising it is not something programmed and for which provisions have been made, but it is a decision made at the moment.

When you stop exercising, fat is gained and sugar and cholesterol levels rise, since our system no longer automatically burns them for energy, but begins to accumulate them as reserves and the firmness gained after long training sessions will be lost.
We can summarize the following changes that occur in the body when you stop exercising:
• Decreased ability to concentrate.
• Loss of muscle mass.
• Elevation of sugar levels.
• Increase in bad cholesterol.
• Listlessness and lack of energy.
• General muscle aches.
• Fat and weight gain.
• Decreased strength.
• You will notice softer parts of your body that were firm before.
• Decreased physical and intellectual performance.
And even more effects can be found by stopping physical activities. Therefore, it is advisable in such a case, to reduce the amount of exercises, but never to abandon completely, since the body will have to adapt to another rhythm of life and as a consequence of that, great advantages that had been obtained during the routines will be lost.

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