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Our History
We, LIAN CHERNG SPORTS CO., LTD. were founded in 1985 and specialize in manufacturing Athletic protectors here in Taiwan for more than 30 years.
Our Factory
We are a manufacturer and exporter for Volleyball knee pad, mouth guard, Martial arts, shin guard and the relative accessories of many specialized protection and also can accept to produce customer-design as OEM or ODM.
Our Product
鈼?Mouth Guards
鈼?nbsp;Volleyball Knee Pad & Elbow pads
鈼?Martial Arts / American Football Supporters
鈼?Spandex Power Wraps
鈼?Terry Cotton Sweat Band
鈼?nbsp;Four Way Flexible Elastic Supporters
鈼?nbsp;Neoprene Supports
鈼?nbsp;Practice Mesh Vest / Captain Armband
鈼?Bamboo Charcoal Fiber Elastic Supporters
鈼?Far Infrared Elastic Supporters
鈼?Soccer Shinguards
鈼?Other sport Accessoriese
Product Application
Martial Arts ,Football, Volleyball,baseball,basketball,soccer鈥tc.
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Circular Knitting Machine,Sewing Machine,Blister Packing Machine,Heat Transfer Machine.
Production Market
Main Markets: North America,Eastern Europe,Western Europe.
Our Service
By keeping the principle of (EXCELLENT QUALITY, COMPETITIVE PRICE, AND SUPERIOR SERVICE), we have won a very good reputation in the associated fields. However, we are not satisfied with what we have. We are striving more to create another peak on our mission. It is our opportunity to serve all people from different countries through our sincere service.
To serve customers is the reason for us being here, and we well understand customer's satisfaction equals success.
We feel fully confident it will bring you a potential profit if you do business with us.Compression Finger Sleeves quotation

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