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Product name:Protective Safety Anti Fog Goggles
Certificaion:Have CE, FDA Certificaion
Frame Color:Clear
QualityHigh Standard
Use:Easy to wear, effectively prevent dust, wind, sand and impact, prevent spray of saliva from spray, isolate and protect, and protect eyes.
Features:1. Fully enclosed design, fully protect your eyes.
2.This Protective Safety Anti Fog Goggles is fashionable and simple in movement.
3.Elastic band design to adjust tightness, suitable for various head shapes.
4. The curved design of the lens makes the field of vision wider, clearer, and more durable.
5.Anti-fogging on both sides of lens.
6.Made of environmentally friendly materials
Product Description:
One Size Fits Most & Adjustable Straps for Secure Fit and Comfort.
Chemical Safety Goggles with Clear, Fog Free Lens.
Wide, Clear Field of Cision and Can Be Worn with Most Half-Mask Respirators.
Designed for Maximum Protection Against Particles, Chemical Splash and Moderate Impacts.Goggle


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