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Qingdao Hailihua Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful west coast of Qingdao, China, one of the top five major ports in China. After years of development, our products have been exported to many countries and regions in the world, such as Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and America Since its establishment, the company has always been pursuing the high quality of its products, so the various products produced by its excellent quality and quickly accepted by the majority of customers. At present, the main products of our company are sulfhydryl series products, mineral dressing reagent series products, daily chemical raw materials and admixtures. The thiol series products mainly include isooctyl mercaptoacetate, methyl mercaptoacetate and other products, which are mainly used as raw materials for pesticides, pharmaceuticals, intermediates and plastic heat stabilizers. Mineral processing reagent series mainly include thiamine ester series, xanthic acid ethyl formate series, xanthic acid acryl ester series products.Wholesale Methyl Thioglycolate



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