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Eat these foods to take care of your teeth and combine them with good oral hygiene to keep your mouth healthy,
Foodies spend the day on the stove, preparing new dishes and, why not say it, eating almost non-stop. We like to eat and we like to cook. And if we want to continue with this millenary pleasure, we'd better take care of our work tools: our teeth.
You have to brush after each meal (half an hour later), floss and avoid as much as possible overusing things, such as coffee, curry or soft drinks, that make our teeth yellow. These tips are essential to take care of our mouth, and avoiding things that hurt us is something to keep in mind. But not only that, there are also foods to take care of our teeth and improve our oral health.
Food to take care of teeth
Apples and oranges
These fruits are very useful for our teeth since, on the one hand, they generate a lot of saliva that helps us avoid accumulating plaque on our teeth to protect ourselves from bacteria. On the other hand, when we bite into apples, we sweep similar to that of the brush and protect our teeth, although this does not mean that eating apples is a substitute for good brushing. In addition, oranges contain calcium that strengthens the teeth and its acidic juice is used to fight against the bacteria in our mouth. Of course, after taking oranges, rinse yourself, since the acid for a long time can harm our mouth.
Dairy foods, such as milk, yogurt, or cheese
They have a lot of calcium and phosphates that neutralize the acids in our mouth. Be careful, avoid the sugars in these products since sugar is not a good idea for the teeth. And it is that when you choose a food to take care of your teeth you have to be careful with the side effects of some of them.
Unsweetened green or black tea
It is also a good idea to drink these types of teas. Teas contain polyphenols. This rare word designates a group of chemicals naturally present in some plants, such as tea, that slow down the growth of bacterial flora on our teeth and gums. In red wine the same case is also true as in tea, but we cannot say that it helps our teeth since the reddish color of the wine stains our teeth.
In general, taking care of our mouth is a daily and constant process. Although there are foods that help us in our task, it will be of no use if we do not brush regularly or do not floss. In addition, in Cocinillas we recommend that you go to a dental check-up every year and that you tell us about your experience in the comments. And spread these teeth care foods to all your friends!

However, oral health is about more than cavities and gum disease. Research has shown that there is an association between the health of a person’s mouth and their overall health. Experts consider oral health problems to be a global health burden Trusted Source. Without treatment, tooth decay or gum problems can lead to pain, problems with self-confidence, and tooth loss. These issues may lead to malnutrition, speech problems, and other challenges in a person’s work, school, or personal life.

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