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Our History
ZHENGZHOU HEDUYINGTU ELECTRIC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is a professional laboratory related product supplier. Based on many years experience on mainland business, now we build our own exporting company to offer more professional service for aboard customer. Here we can help customer to get the most suitable and economic product in most short time based on our professional knowledge.
Our Product
The main products: lab instruments, laboratory consumables, life science provide a wide range of products for educational institutions, pharmaceutical industries, chemical industries, life science and research laboratories etc. Our main products includes: Glass Reactor, Rotary Evaporator, Spray Dryer, Freeze Dryers, Autoclaves, Centrifuge, Chillers, Furnace, Flame Photometer, Spectrophotometer, Incubator, Oven, Viscometer, Laboratory Shaker, Microplate Reader, Kjeldahl Systems, Test Chambers, Clean Benches, CO2 Incubator, Ultrasonic Cleaner etc. We also provide many professional instruments for different industry, such as food industry, drug testing industry, coal industry, petroleum industry etc. Diversified business model, professional technology, high-tech equipment, in the course of business with an excellent work ethic, excellent business reputation, high quality products and perfect after-sales service has won the trust and support. We are trying to set up the world's major regions and service agents at the company is being in the Asia Pacific region Equipment Industry-leading brands.
Product Application
The involved products of our company are throughout the universities, research institutes, factories and enterprises, chemical and pharmaceutical, medical, inspection, agriculture, food, super, metallurgical mining, construction, petroleum and other industries, products with superior performance. Based on fast attentive service, great value, exports many countries and regions through the trading company, our products are alike by domestic and foreign merchants. In the production process, we strictly enforce product manufacturing requirements. And we've established a complete quality management system, so the product quality has a reliable guarantee.China Hot-air Sterilizer


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