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The problem with blemishes on the face usually has an origin that can be really very diverse: from pigmentation problems, through liver problems, lupus, to an occasional issue.
Detect the causes of blemishes on the face
Ideally, you should consult a dermatologist to find out what is behind the spots on your face that you present. However, these home remedies are often very used to fight stains dark, white and red, as well as spots on the face acne to and help clean the face.
Homemade recipes to remove blemishes on the face
Although homemade recipes with natural ingredients do not work as quickly and effectively as an industrial face cream treatment, some of the many homemade recipes for removing blemishes are worth experimenting with. With patience and perseverance, we will see the results after one to three months.
Home remedies with aloe vera for blemishes
Of course, aloe vera or aloe is usually one of the ingredients that appears most in remedies for face blemishes. Its effect on the skin is very good and can be used, for example, in a mask with lemon.
Precisely, lemon is usually one of the most effective plants for blemishes on the face. In addition to using it directly on the affected areas, you can use it in a mask with oatmeal (another great ingredient for this kind of problem).
Cucumber mask to remove dark spots
This homemade mask works very well for all skin types, and it is very easy to do since it only takes two ingredients:
• A tablespoon of honey
• 1 cucumber
Instructions: Grate the cucumber or put it in a blender, then mix both ingredients to form a viscous paste, you can add a few drops of lemon. You should apply it for about 15 to 20 minutes, and then remove it by washing your face with cold water. This home remedy is very effective in reducing dark spots naturally.
Hydrogen peroxide to whiten the face
Hydrogen peroxide has great bleaching and stain removal power. For this we wet a small piece of cotton in hydrogen peroxide and touch the spots on the face just once or twice, wetting them slightly. If we do every night before bed, depending on how dark the stain is, we will see results after a week or two.
Whitening cream
You can prepare a homemade whitening cream by mixing two teaspoons of powdered milk, about 20 drops of hydrogen peroxide and only 2 drops of glycerin. It should form a kind of creamy paste that we apply once a day to the area to be bleached.
For brown spots on the face
Another is prepared by mixing one tablespoon of lemon juice, one of apple cider vinegar, and one of water. Apply at night. Special care should be taken with all skin creams and lotions that contain lemon or vinegar. These ingredients are photosensitive and can be harmful to the skin if we expose it to sunlight. That is why the application is always indicated at night.
Oatmeal and lemon for white face blemishes
Both ingredients can have a great action on the skin, so it should not be surprising that this trick works well.
• A tablespoon of ground rolled oats
• A few drops of lemon juice
Mix both ingredients until they are perfectly integrated. Then you will only have to apply this home remedy for spots on the face in the affected area.
It is convenient to do it with a very clean skin, massaging the affected area well and leaving this mixture to act for 5 or more minutes (the more, the better). It is recommended to rinse with warm water, repeat the treatment twice a week and, at the end of each application, use a cream with a high content of vitamin E.

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