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Today we bring you the recommendations of the celebrity trainer, Kenichi Sakuma, who assures that with his method you can lose weight very quickly by activating certain parts of the body
If we want to lose weight, the most important thing is to monitor the diet and diet, as we already told you. But to promote weight loss it is crucial to accelerate the metabolism, that is, the burning of calories. And for this you have to move the body something.
Therefore, today we bring you four exercises collected in the book The Sakuma Full Body Method (Kitsune Books), the latest from the celebrity trainer, Kenichi Sakuma. The Japanese, who sold more than 3 million copies with his previous volume, now brings a series of workouts to do at home.
Exercises to do at home and lose weight
Sakuma, who has become an international fitness guru, says that with just four minutes a day we can see the results. More than 30,000 people have already tried it, and they affirm that the results are maintained over time.
The key to the method is that it activates specific muscles, depending on the area we want to work on and following only four steps. The author affirms that it is possible to lower a size in an instant during a whole day, as well as to reduce specific voluminous areas permanently, since we manage to increase the energy that our body consumes (metabolism) without having to make an extra effort.
Losing one size a day may be too optimistic, but in two weeks it is more than likely that you will achieve it. In the book there is more information and exercises, but to whet your appetite we will collect the four best ones below.
1) Exercise to reduce belly
Put your hands under your head and rotate your hips so that your shoulder blades descend. When you breathe in this position, the waist remembers the shape of the belly tucked in. This exercise tones the waist.
• Lie on your back and bend your knees.
• Place a folded towel twice below your waist. Put your hands under your head and lie on your back. Spread your legs hip-width apart and bend your knees.
• Rotate your waist until it stops touching the towel.
• Maintain this posture.
• As you breathe, tuck your belly in.
• Hold position 2 for 20 seconds. Exhale for the first 10 seconds. Inhale once and exhale another 10 seconds. Inhale again.
• Repeat three times.
2) Exercise for the thighs
With this exercise you will work the gluteus maximus. By doing so, the thigh muscles will be properly repositioned and back in shape. Place a towel under your knees to prevent your hips from curving too much so that you can correct the tilt of your pelvis.
• Starting position: put your hands and knees on the floor. Have a towel nearby.
• Place the towel behind one knee.
• Hold the towel with the inside of one knee. Keep your ankles bent and align your hands with your shoulders.
• Raise your leg while holding the towel.
• Slowly raise the leg holding the towel as far as you can. Don't raise your chin.
• Lower your leg slowly.
• Bring your knee forward a little from the starting position.
• Repeat steps 2 and 3 ten times. Repeat on the other side.
3) Exercise for the glutes
When the buttocks lack sufficient flexibility, the muscles can become deformed or accumulate unnecessary fat. People with gluteal problems often find it difficult to move their legs backwards, as the hip joint is not flexible. By stretching and contracting the area, the muscles around the glutes relax.
• Starting position: lie on your stomach and place your chin on your hands. Spread your legs to the width of your hips.
• Bend both ankles and one knee at a right angle.
• Look down so your chin doesn't go up.
• Raise your bent leg slightly.
• It is not necessary to raise it much. If you find it difficult, raise it and lower it slightly for 3 seconds. Repeat the process with the other leg.
• Repeat ten times.
4) Exercise for the arms
When the shoulder blades are higher than normal, the movements of the shoulders are limited and this causes an accumulation of fat in the upper arms. This exercise helps to lower the position of the shoulder blades and burn fat.
• Get on all fours.
• Spread your arms to shoulder width apart and legs to hip width. Let the weight of your body fall on your arms.
• Roll your hips back and bring your upper body closer to the ground.
• Keep your palms facing inward and take 3 seconds to shift your hips back. Lower your body to the ground and hold the pose for 3 seconds.
• Repeat ten times.

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