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As we age our brain tends to slow down as our brain cells or neurons begin to shrink. That is no secret, that after the age of 25, we naturally begin to lose brain cells. But all is not lost since, throughout your life you can grow new brain cells.
9 habits that help regenerate brain cells
The following habits are known to aid in the growth of new cells and to keep your brain as clear as ever.
1. Dark chocolate for more neurons
Dark chocolate contains flavonoids and antioxidants. Eating some organic dark chocolate regularly is recommended as this delicious food can help you grow new neurons. To sacrifice!
2. Definitely get more exercise
Jogging is a regular endurance exercise that can help promote the growth of new cells in your brain. Resistance exercise stimulates the production of a protein known as FNDC5. This protein stimulates the production of another protein in the brain, known as BDNF, which promotes the growth of new nerves and synapses.
3. Try intermittent fasting
Certain studies have shown that intermittent fasting is a factor that helps in reducing the effects of aging in our brain. According to these studies, fasting has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body and helps in stimulating the growth of new brain cells.
4. Drink lots of green tea
Not only is green tea packed with antioxidants, it also contains a compound known as epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG that has been linked to the growth of new brain cells, so grab it!
5. Spend time outdoors
In order for your body to produce vitamin D, your skin needs to be exposed to sunlight. BDNF is a protein in your brain that stimulates the growth of new nerves and synapses. Vitamin D causes this protein to increase in your brain.
6. Add blueberries to your daily diet
Blueberries are loaded with antioxidants just like dark chocolate. They also contain a flavonoid called anthocyanin dye, which is responsible for their blue coloring. Well, anthocyanin dye has the ability to produce new neurons in the brain.
7. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential
Foods rich in Omega-3 help promote the growth of neurons. Add flax seeds, avocados, chia seeds, olive oil, and walnuts to your diet to ensure you get a good daily dose of omega-3 fatty acids.
8. Eat more turmeric
Studies suggest that turmeric can contribute to the regeneration of a damaged brain, which can be extremely beneficial in treating neurological disorders.
9. Commit
Keeping your brain stimulated increases hippocampal neurogenesis, the process by which neurons are generated. Learning a new skill, interacting with others, putting together a puzzle or completing a crossword puzzle can help keep your brain active and thus young.

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