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The exfoliation is defined as the removal of dry skin cells on the surface. Exfoliation for skin problems is considered one of the most important techniques that you can perform to solve certain problems of this, as well as to achieve healthy and glowing skin.
Benefits of exfoliation for skin problems
To find out if we need an exfoliation, you can do a simple test at home to see if you have dry surface cells on your skin, and it involves taking a piece of clear tape and sticking it on your forehead.
Rub gently and peel off. Look at the tape, and if there are small pieces of flaky skin, then you need an exfoliation. The benefits of exfoliation for skin problems are multiple, check the following list of problems in which exfoliation can definitely be the solution:
Benefits of exfoliation for blemished skin
Sometimes we think that skin blemishes are derived from liver problems, sunburn, or simply age. Is not always that way. As we mentioned before, sometimes the dark on our face, or certain spots on it, are dead skin cells that have not managed to peel off.
It may be that we forget when showering to pass an extra heel on our face with a special exfoliating sponge, it may be that that tan that we got last vacation has not managed to come out at all. We must help our skin to loosen all those dead cells and achieve clearer and brighter skin.
Benefits of exfoliation on dark and red marks after healing a pimple breakout
Often times, the real concern is not so much the actual blemishes, but the dark, red marks that remain on the skin long after a pimple breakout and breakout has healed. The key to clearing up those marks is exfoliation.
The more the cells are removed from the damaged surface, the more the skin is being rid of dark marks and the formation of new healthy skin cells (without marks) is encouraged. The result is smoother, more toned skin with fewer scars.
Benefits of exfoliation for clogged pores
Clogged pores are not infected spots, but rather blackheads, small whiteheads, and slightly plugged bumps on the skin, often on the forehead. The same rules for exfoliating that apply to blemished skin apply in this case.
The more superficial cells are removed from dry skin (usually caused by using harsh, dry products), the less oil will remain trapped in congesting pores.
Benefits of exfoliation for hyperpigmentation
These are the brown spots that come from age, pregnancy, hormonal changes, and genetics. These spots tend to become more noticeable and darker as the skin ages.
Exfoliation is beneficial in breaking down pigmented cells and allowing them to fade. In combination with a skin lightening agent, such as vitamin C, the exfoliation will help speed up the discoloration process.
Benefits of exfoliation for dry skin
Especially in the winter, exfoliation is very important. Often when the skin is dry, you tend to apply too much heavy creams to compensate for the dryness.
But dry skin means you have a buildup of dry skin cells. And the more you apply creams, the more you are trying to rehydrate dry skin cells, which doesn't make sense.
Instead, it increases exfoliation to remove dry skin cells, and then hydrates the skin cells, resulting in moister skin.
For those who want smoother skin. One way to instantly soften your skin is to exfoliate. By getting rid of dry skin cells from the surface, a smoother appearance is created.
How often should you exfoliate
There are two types of scrubs. First of all, there are commercial "chemical" scrubs that do the work for you.
They are not highly recommended if you are going to use them long term, since they are not natural and contain chemicals that can irritate your skin or cause short or long-term counterproductive effects.
Second, a "physical" scrub means you have to do the work. These facial scrubs include brushes, sponges and facial cleansers, and are also made with natural products.
How to make a natural citrus scrub?
Servings: 2
• 1/2 cup of sea salt
• 1/2 cup sweet almond oil (can be substituted with light olive oil or vegetable oil)
• 1/2 teaspoon grated lemon zest
• 1/2 teaspoon grated orange peel
In a medium dry bowl, combine all the ingredients and make sure not to leave it in contact with the water as the salt dissolves. Pour the mixture into an airtight container and store it in a cool, dry place.
How to use:
Just before showering, swirl the ingredients with your fingers to mix. Cleanse the body completely and just before getting out of the shower, apply the body scrub in a firm circular motion with your hands or a soft cloth. Rinse the remains.
Fix your jars and give it to your friends; Or, if you are thinking about your independence and want to start a self-sustaining life, this is a good idea to start.

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