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Why you need an ergonomic office chair

You may be familiar with the term ergonomic. I’m sure you’ve heard of it in relation to office furniture. I bet you’ve had an ergonomic keyboard, mouse or even piece of furniture. If you’ve never had an ergonomic office chair, you may wonder why you would need one. You may be questioning whether an ergonomic office chair can truly make a difference to your working day. Well this article will show you that it can. An ergonomic office chair is one of the best ways to conquer posture and back pain, to enhance your productivity and to take autonomy over your work environment to improve your overall wellbeing. Sound good? We’re only just getting started.

Maybe you’re coworkers have started to orient to ergonomic office chairs, maybe you’ve seen ergonomic office chairs littered about the office. Maybe you’ve even seen advertisements or even read articles on ergonomic chairs. Maybe you weren’t initially convinced of the appeal, sceptical of the new trend for ergonomics. Well until you’ve tried one, it can be hard to see what all the fuss is about.

Many of us have spent many years sitting in a regular office chair — office chairs with simple padding, which swivel around to help you move around your space. Maybe you thought they were okay. Many of us have grown used to poor posture, back pain and general discomfort which has accumulated over the years, we accept it a as fact of working life. These pains are not just an occupational hazard, they’re a result of poor design, a neglect for accommodating for the needs of the body when sitting for long periods of time. We can do better. In fact, we have done better. We’ve designed a fully adjustable ergonomic office chair: the Ergo Chair 2 eronomic office chair.

Fully adjustable means being able to adjust the ergonomic office chair at every axis. You can adjust the angle and position of the chair back. You can adjust the position of the chair seat, the height of your chair. You can even adjust the height of your arm rests, head rests and your tailored lumbar support. What this means, is that the chair is not just designed to support the body, it’s designed to be tailored by you to the specific needs of your body. Not everybody is the same height, has the same length of legs, torso, neck or the same position of the curve of their back. That’s why, having a truly ergonomic office chair means having a fully adjustable ergonomic office chair. In this regard we really thought of everything.

Of course, adjusting your ergonomic office chair isn’t just about adjusting it for to your body in one specific seated position. A fully adjustable ergonomic office chair can adjust with your body as your mood and workstyle changes throughout the day. Nobody benefits or even naturally wants to sit in one specific position for eight hours a day in consecutive days. Our mind and our body fluctuates in what it needs according to our state of mind, mood, emotions and level of engagement and concentration. Now your ergonomic office chair can support you to the specificities of each mind, mood and emotion.

When we arrive at work, fresh from a long night’s sleep and a relaxing evening before that, we are full of energy, concentration and focus. At this point in the day, we tend to prefer sitting up right, maybe even on the edge of our seats (as the saying goes). As such, in the morning, when you get to work, you can bring the seat of your ergonomic office chair closer to the chair back whilst keeping some weight distributed through your legs and arrange the headrest to support your head. It’s important to remember that even at the most energetic moments in the day, when our backs are straight and postures in tact, we can still benefit from support. Without it, within a matter of hours we can fall into a slump and find ourselves reeling with aches and pains all afternoon. With our fully adjustable ergonomic office chair you can support every area of your body to distribute your bodies weight in a healthy manner for longer lasting posture and productivity.

How To Clean Leather Office Chairs

Leather office chairs are one of the more stylish types of office chair available; they can add a touch of elegance and luxury to a room with ease, and because of this you will probably want to keep them looking their best. It is quite easy to care for and clean leather chairs, but you can’t treat them the same way you would other fabrics. You’ll need to use the proper cleaning supplies when dealing with stains on a leather chair, as we will outline in this article.

Determine the type of leather. Before you try and clean a leather office chair, find out what the type of leather is. Manufacturer’s tags found on leather furniture like office chairs generally provide cleaning tips and warnings, too.

Look to see if there are any tags attached to your furniture. If you can’t find any, look over the written manual that came with the chair when you bought it. If you know the specific type of office chair you own, you may be able to find these instructions online. The tag or instructions will provide tips on cleaning your furniture. and will also let you know what products could be harmful to the leather.

If can’t figure out the type of leather, keep in mind that most leather furniture is made from top-coat protected leather. It is generally safe to clean this leather using mild body soap and water.

Vacuum the chair. Before you begin properly cleaning your furniture, make sure to give it a good vacuuming. Doing this regularly is a good way to prevent wear and tear on leather office chairs.

Make a cleaner using water and soap. Once you’ve dusted and vacuumed the chair, prepare your cleaner. You’ll only need basic household supplies like water and soap to clean the leather effectively.

Wipe down the chair. Test a small area of the chair first. If you don’t notice any damage, dip a clean rag in the liquid and wring it out thoroughly. From there, wipe the chair down with the wet rag. Simply repeat this process to easy clean up your chair and make it fresh for another day.

Ever since the Aeron chair burst onto the scene many years ago, mesh office chairs have been extremely popular. Mesh chairs are very unique; from their original styling, to the way the user feels when they sit.

Because of their popularity, almost all office chair manufacturers now have their own version of a mesh chair. This means that the market is now flooded with mesh chairs ranging from cheap import chairs to very high end ergonomic chairs that are made to order in the USA.

The mesh office chair topic is very polarizing as can be expected with any popular item. People seem to either love mesh chairs or hate them. In this article, we will share with you the downsides to mesh office chairs and the reasons why they are not a fit for every customer.

Before getting started it is important to understand that there are three distinct types of mesh office chairs. The first type is a mesh seat and back with no padding. Mesh is simply stretched across a chair frame on the seat and back. The second type is a mesh back with a padded mesh seat. This chair will have a seat that feels like a typical padded office chair but the backrest will have mesh stretched across the frame. The third type is a padded mesh seat with a padded mesh back. These models use the mesh upholstery for looks, which creates a feel very similar to traditional office chairs.

Gaming Chairs vs Office Chairs Compared

Many chairs for gamers look like they belong on a racetrack. But the flashy aesthetics are secondary. The true value is the ergonomic support these models provide. If you suffer from back pain in a standard office chair, a gaming chair is one of several upgrades can help. Here we compare racing-style gaming chairs vs office chairs. Learn which type is a better fit for your needs.

Head-to-head, a gaming chair is more visually striking than a standard office chair. It stands out with a bucket seat, tall backrest, thick padding, and support pillows. Meanwhile, a generic office chair typically comes with a padded fabric seat and mid-back support.

Beyond first impressions are important functional differences. A racing-style gaming chair has more adjustable parts than an office chair. Its seat, armrests, support pillows, and backrest can all adjust to meet the needs of the user. In contrast, a regular office chair lacks adjustable parts. As a result, the user needs to adjust to the chair.

The original racing-style gaming chair made its debut in 2006. First designed for video game players, this style of chair is now a popular option for all types of desk work.

Most office chairs with limited features cost between $60 to $180. These save you money but come with a health cost. Scientists have been pointing this out for decades.

For instance, back in 1984, researchers showed how adjustable furniture could reduce on-the-job discomfort. In 2009, this study showed how poor ergonomic conditions led to neck, shoulder, elbow, and back musculoskeletal disorders.

Limited Strength

Although we said that the PU Leather chairs are durable, that doesn’t mean they are particularly strong. They have durability when it comes to everyday use.

So, if you are treating it like you should be and using it as a normal chair, it should hold up. However, PU Leather doesn’t really hold up against major accidents or other things that might threaten its integrity. If you have pets, their nails could do some major damage to the chairs with minimal effort.

Now that we’ve looked at the benefits and drawbacks of PU Leather let’s explore fabric gaming chairs.

Pros of Fabric Gaming Chairs


Like PU Leather, the fabric is generally very affordable. That’s because the materials that are generally used to make it don’t often cost much to the manufacturer.

Oftentimes, the fabric is used to help the company keep prices down because it is so much cheaper than other materials. If you’re light on cash, you can find some great fabric chairs for very reasonable prices.


When compared to PU Leather, the fabric is unbelievably more breathable. This is because it is woven, allowing for small openings throughout the material. Air will go in and out, and sitting in a fabric seat will feel far cooler than sitting in one made of PU Leather – especially if you are in a hot region.

In addition to this, you won’t stick to the chair if you happen to start sweating. Instead, you’ll be able to get right out of it as though you were never sweating at all.

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