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How Do Dog Water Bottles Work?

Dog Water Bottles typically have a ball bearing which forms a vacuum with the metal tube in the bottle and this creates a seal preventing the water flow. When the ball bearing is licked it breaks the vacuum seal and releases the water by acting like an opening and closing valve.

Dog water bottles can work in several different ways and it depends on the kind of pet water bottle you have purchased. The two key players you will no doubt come across are the ball bearing bottle and the 2 in 1 bottle and bowl so let's take a look at how both of these work.

How Does the Plastic 2 in 1 Bottle and Bowl Work?

This type of bottle allows you to have a bowl essentially attached to the bottle. It moulds around it making it compact and easy to carry. The bottle simply pulls out and you squeeze it to get the desired amount of water into the bowl. Any that is not used can be thrown away and then it is closed together so you can be on your way.

Stainless steel and ceramic bottles are great safe materials to use when it comes to pets consuming food and water. The stainless-steel bottle will keep your water ice cold and the water waste is non-existent thanks to the ball bearing (valve) mechanism.

How Do You Use a Dog Water Bottle?

If you are using a 2 in 1 bottle, then all you need to do is tip it and squeeze the plastic bottle to fill the bowl. If you are using a ball bearing water bottle, then you simply hold it at a 45 degree angle and let your pet lick the tip and the water will begin tor release. If you find it is dripping too much, then reduce your angle slightly.

After a fun day at the park or even just a brisk walk, your dog's paws can get very messy, very quickly. Whether they're about to hop back into the car or you just want some extra security knowing you won't have prints all over the floor, the best Dog Foot Cleaners offer thorough cleaning and are easy to tote around with you. While there are many paw cleaning cups on the market, they all tend to work in a similar way. Fill the cup with water (shampoo can be added as well), insert their dog’s paw, and let the soft bristles do the work before you wipe dry.

These come in a range of sizes, so be sure to get the one that best suits your dog's paw size.These can range from paw wipes to bottles with brushes and provide a no-rinsing-required cleaning that can also usually be used beyond the paws. Spills are a lot less likely with these, and they also help with that wet dog smell. However, since these will have to be replaced more often, they're slightly more expensive in the long run.

If your dog is finicky and you’re looking for the fastest and easiest route to clean paws, these paw wipes could be the ticket. Wipes are hard to beat when it comes to portability, and because there’s no water, they are easily tolerated by most dogs. Infused with aloe vera, vitamin E, and awapuhi, these wipes are hypoallergenic and soothing on skin. Their generous size makes them perfect for an all-over body wipe that helps with dirt, dander, and even odors, too. Get them in varying pack sizes ranging from a 100-count bag to a set of travel minis, and pet parents can choose either green tea or unscented.

An elevated dog bowl is just like it sounds; it is a dog bowl that is raised off the ground. When many people think of dog bowls, they see two bowls sitting on the ground. While this may be fine for some dogs, there are many reasons that a dog would benefit from PET Bowls that was a little higher up.

When you raise your dog's bowl, you will help improve their posture. Bending over all the time drinking water and eating food from bowls on the floor can cause bad posture that can lead to back problems in your dog.

When you elevate your dog's bowls, you are helping to make them more comfortable when they are eating. Older dogs usually have arthritis and joint pain. Having to bend over to eat and drink constantly can be very painful.

Certain medical conditions, such as megaesophagus, can cause your dog to need elevated dog bowls. Elevating your dog's bowls will help food move down their esophagus easier.

Why Dogs Need Toys

First things first, what’s the point to dog toys? Does your pet need them? Yes! Absolutely. All dogs can benefit from the right kind of toys. Dog toys provide both mental and physical stimulation for your pets. In the absence of the kind of experiences they’d gain in the wild, dogs can become a little bored if they don’t have something to do.

On top of this, PET Toys can help prevent dogs from inappropriate chewing. If you’re dogs are consistently chewing cushions, furniture or anything else you don’t want them to, toys can distract them from damaging property while still encouraging them to fulfil their chewing needs.

Not only that, toys can help your pupper relax. If they’re stressed by new experiences then long-duration chews like kongs can keep them quiet, distracted and calm. Kongs are one of the most important toys in a dog owner’s arsenal – just fill it with a healthy food and watch your dog obsess over it for hours. Dinner party? It’s a great distraction. Have to leave your dog for a few hours? Problem solved. Being a nuisance while you’re trying to clean? As simple as giving them a kong. They love it, and so will you!


As a responsible pet owner, it's important to brush your dog regularly to keep them clean and well-groomed. But with all the different types of grooming tools out there, it can be difficult to know which dog brush to choose.


Slicker PET Brushes feature fine wire bristles that extend from a flat or slightly curved base. The wire bristles are capped with protective nubs so your pet won't get injured during use. Still, it's important to use short and light strokes to avoid irritating your dog's sensitive skin.


Bristle brushes vary in the length, arrangement, and spacing of the bristles. A bristle brush with short, tightly-packed bristles is ideal for short-haired dogs, while long, wide-spaced bristle brushes are perfect for long-haired dogs.

Bristles brushes are used to finish and shine a dog's coat. They help smooth rough hair, remove loose hair or dirt, and distribute natural skin oils evenly for a glossy, shiny finish. Bristle brushes are very versatile and can be used on all dogs, including Retrievers, Pugs, Terriers, and Hounds.
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